Cauliflower Can’t Change

This is Digby Pancake. I’ve heard it said that a tiger can’t change its stripes.

I’ve also heard that if you can’t change something, change your attitude. So why is that so hard to do?

I wondered that at dinner time yesterday. Instead of our normal vegetables and fish, Girl Person had put something mushy on our plates. It didn’t look very familiar to me. And in fact, I was quite suspicious of it.

The smells that were coming out of our house on wheels weren’t the best either. Smelled like me without me being in there. But Girl Person said that if you don’t try new foods every once in awhile, you won’t know what you’re missing. But Brickle and I had not shed any tears over missing out on this thing called cauliflower. I knew that for sure.

Girl Person said she had taken great care to make a recipe that we would love. But, really, I wondered if it would be good. It seriously stunk. It looked funny. And no matter how you cooked it, it would still be a cauliflower to me.

But as with anything on my plate, I’ll try it. I sure will try it. And all of a sudden, I knew that if I could get past my own preconceived ideas, I might actually enjoy it. And wow. I did.

Girl Person had added a little coconut oil. It was yummy in my tummy.

Yep. Even Brickle liked it. It was like sunshiney on a plate of love.

It might have been just a head of cauliflower. But we had used our heads. We knew there was probably a way everyone could enjoy it if they tried!

Maybe with cheese. Or a pizza. Or a salad. It was getting past what our minds were telling us. And finding out what was true.

Nope. You can’t change the world by yourself.

But you can change how you live in it.

You can choose parts to enjoy. Don’t be tempted to stay stuck in despair. Find your cauliflower. Cook it. Enjoy it!

Digby Pancake

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