No Motorized Vehicles On Paths

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. How fast can you walk?

How fast can you run?

Depending on the day, Digby Pancake and I alter our speed.

If there’s a lot to smell, we take our time.

But when it’s cold, you might see us pick up the pace.

But yesterday when we were hiking with Girl Person, she seemed a little preoccupied. A little distracted. And she said we were going too slow.

Well, I’m not one to waste time. But even I think there is a time to slow down. There is a time to concentrate on what you are doing.

Sometimes, you have to understand that there is no motorized vehicles allowed on paths.

It seems like an obvious instruction. So why do some persons think that they have to stay busy all of the time? Don’t they realize that by slowing down and allowing yourself time to recharge that you actually get more accomplished in the end?

Imagine if your phone had a dying battery. Would it make sense to keep using it until it didn’t work at all? Or would it be smarter to put it down and let it recharge?

That’s right. When persons realize time is valuable, they will make the best use of it.

But running till you’re on empty is not the answer.

Look to your dog for guidance. Look to your dog for your stride.

And watch as we see what’s important. You.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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