Cascades and Cauliflower

This is Digby Pancake. Someone once told me that every day can’t be a good day. And I never understood that. Are there truly bad days? Perhaps. But every day does have some good in it. Even if it is cauliflower.

Yesterday was a hot day. And I haven’t been feeling so good. Boy Person has had a headache. And Girl Person too. But they wanted Brickle and I to have some good in our day. Even if their day wasn’t the best day. So we went on a little shaded trail.

It was just the right length for us. And it was pretty.

And we were so happy when we saw a little waterfall. Girl Person said it was called Cascades Waterfall.

It may not been the biggest waterfall we have hiked to. But it sure was the best part of our day! Cool and refreshing and so beautiful of sounds. It was truly a good part of our day.

Although we couldn’t walk as far up the mountain as in the past, it didn’t make our whole day any less special. It made for a very special day that we will remember as much as when we used to hike for miles and miles.

Do you discount the not perfect days and compare them to good days of the past? Doesn’t that make the good days less special now? Never take for granted what you can do. Never take for granted what you have. Never take life for granted.

As we noticed all the good around us, there on the forest floor was a mushroom. A very large mushroom called a Cauliflower Mushroom!

All of a sudden, they forgot about their headaches. And they rejoiced over their foraged find. Soup was ahead.

Soup that was unexpected. Soup that would taste so good!

With all that is wrong in the world, the forest can remind us of what can be right. If we listen to our inner voices like the voices of the forest, we will hear the good.

The good part of our day. Because every day can be a good day.

Digby Pancake