Kentucky, Here We Come!

This is Digby Pancake.  Have you ever had to wait on something? Us too.  Seems like life for us is a waiting room sometimes.

But for us this week, waiting on a new member of our family really threw us for a loop.  

We had plans to pull our Barking Biscuit Buggy RV to the Camping World place in Kentucky to be on a show!  

But we kind of needed a truck to do that. And even though we finally, finally found our truck, it was in another state called Arizona.  And it did not get here in time for us to use it.

So.  Our plan B became plan C.  Plan C became Plan D.  We just had to do it.  We had to go that Kentucky place without our house on wheels, rent a house without wheels to sleep in, and that way, our Jeep could take us on one last long ride.  

And we could still be on that Camping World show!!!!

Kentucky?  We haven’t visited you in quite a while.  

You may remember us when we were there at your Mammoth Caves.  

That was cold.  And it is cold now.  I guess some things never change.  Like us being in a waiting room.

But somehow, this waiting room feels different.  Sure, we kind of need a truck to go places.  And we are happy it will finally be here.  But the way that life is now for everyone we have to realize there is nothing we can count on…and the really important things are what we have to focus on.  Things will work out, and if they don’t?

All the rest can wait.

We hope our red truck gets here next week.  But until then…be thinking of a name for it!

And we hope that you will watch us on Camping World’s Ultimate RV Show on Thursday, Friday and Saturday!  This is going to be fun and we hope you enjoy it!!! We have almost a four hour drive today! Will you come along?

Are things are worth the wait?  You know it. But don’t wait to enjoy what you have today!

-Digby Pancake

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