The Sad Lasagna

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. When you’re sad…how sad do you act?

If you’re like me, you can lay it on thick. Sympathy is best served warm. And I love to get the sympathy. Very thick sympathy. As thick as lasagna.

But sometimes, even I realize that the world might be bigger than me. Sometimes I realize I might not have it so bad some days. And laying it on thick may not be necessary when someone has it harder.

Our friends had a sad thing happen to them this week when one of their family members passed away.  It is at times like this I am glad that I am a dog because everyone is speechless and dogs are not expected to talk.

But what the persons don’t know is that we feel your pain.  Ellie and Juneau, our friends here, well, they stepped up to make sure their persons knew they loved them.  But when we try to take away your pain, sometimes we get tired. Because it is alot to bear.

So what can you do when someone you love is sad?  If you are dogs, you just become available for pets and hugs and kisses and to lick tears.  But if you are our Girl Person?  You bake a lasagna to put on their dinner table.

Girl Person made a lasagna so deep that she hoped they would know how deep her feelings were for them.  And they did know.

Have you ever felt so bad for someone, or wanted to help someone and just couldn’t find the words? Well, that’s ok.  But choosing to say nothing at all isn’t right.  You don’t have to use words out loud.  But you do have to express feeling.

Sympathy.  Caring.  It’s not ok to do anything but.

No one can read your mind.  And when they are sad, they don’t want to.  Even if you say the wrong thing, or can’t speak, do something.

Write a card.  Bake a sad lasagna.  Don’t let the ones you love so much wonder if you care.

 Make the effort.  Make a sad lasagna.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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