The Landing

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I have friends. You’re one of them.

But it’s not often lately that most of us get to see our friends. We can’t hug. We can’t kiss. And that’s ok cause yall need a mint.

But as we were sitting outside yesterday, we had not just one friend visit, but two.

In fact, we didn’t know they were coming. They kind of just dropped by. They flew in from who knows where. And they surprised Girl Person with their emergency landing. It took skill. Bravery. Trust.

It was a wonderful visit. And we were so surprised by it that we didn’t have much time to talk. They were in a hurry, I suppose. But I know they will be back.

Girl Person was sitting in her chair. And she felt a flutter. A little tickle on her arm. Then she felt a little something on her leg. And when we looked down, there they were. Our two bird friends! They had decided to stop by and say hello ever so gently. And just like that, they were on their way.

Girl Person said it was one of those magical moments when you don’t want to tell anyone because you’re afraid it hadn’t really happened. But it did. And so the next day, she was happy when she told Boy Person and he said of course. They know you. You sit out there everyday. They trust you. You’re a friend.

And I thought about it. We move so much that we never get a chance to visit with others often.

But look what happened when we sat still for a little while.

It made me wonder if we sat longer, what else would happen.

Life is funny. You think you only want one way of life. But something or someone can make you see things a little different. I think different friends give you different things. And it all makes for a wonderful perspective.

See what can land on you. And let it stay awhile.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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