But It Rains There Too

This is Digby Pancake. What is your favorite place on the earth? If you’ve been to outer space, you can also include that.

My favorite place so far is in the mountains, high up on a trail that leads to waterfalls and creeks.

I like when we aren’t in a rush and we enjoy it more.

Brickle likes the ocean and the beach.

He says he really likes any beach he can sink his paws into.

But do you get sad or happy when you think about your favorite place on the earth?

Or outer space…

I know that’s an odd question. But yesterday, when it had been raining and cold here for days and days, I felt a little sad thinking about my favorite place.

I felt sad because I missed it. I felt sad because lately I haven’t been feeling so good and I’m not sure if I could do a long hike to a waterfall.

I felt sad because I sure felt like my favorite place was perfect. And I was feeling not so perfect about much.

Brickle said he felt the same. And Girl Person did too.

But she said she had a reminder for us. A reminder that even at our favorite places on the earth, it rains there too.

Even at our favorite places, there are not so perfect days. Even at our favorite places, life isn’t without problems.

So if we can remember the good and wonderful things about those places and forget the rest, why weren’t we doing that now?

I got her point. It was a day we wouldn’t get to do again. So we went for a ride in the rain.

We did a short hike in the rain. And when we got home, we dried off and we did something we never do with Girl Person. We decided to take a nap. For as long as we wanted to.

We turned on the fireplace and we appreciated that without the rain and cold, we wouldn’t have had this memory. We also wouldn’t have had that delicious tuna sammich.

We can have a tendency to only remember what we want to about a place or an individual.

But it’s not as simple as that. Remember a whole picture so that you can be realistic about where and who you are with now.

It’s appreciating what’s good and learning from our experiences that make our favorite places and individuals so very special. And real.

Digby Pancake

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