The Bitter Truth

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I’m good at telling it like it is. What other way is there to be?

But persons have a harder time being honest with themselves and others. And if it is our persons that need to recognize something bitter, it takes them a few minutes.

As you know, the persons have been hunting for mushrooms in the forest.

They like doing that a lot. Especially since they made some pizza and pasta with them last week.

So they were excited when they found more mushrooms for another pizza! But these were a different type of mushroom.

And so they looked up all the information on them they could find. Apparently, they were supposed to be a very tasty mushroom.

So after a hard few days on the road, Boy Person was pretty excited about these mushrooms.

He told Girl Person to clean them really well. And he just couldn’t wait for that pizza with these delicious mushrooms!

I was just excited me and Digby would get the crusts!

So Girl Person cleaned and cut the mushrooms. Yep. They were looking good. Not as good as me.

But good.

She smelled the mushrooms. Yep. They smelled good too. Not as good as me. But good.

Then, it was time for the test. If they were bitter, that was bad. If they were not bitter, that was very good. I’m bitter. So no competition there.

And as Girl Person tasted a little piece, she thought it didn’t taste so good. No. It wasn’t very tasty. But they looked so good, she thought. They smelled good, she thought.

And so she took one more little bite. And that bite was enough to know.

That bite wouldn’t kill you. But it would sure leave a bad taste in your mouth. And some persons? It would make them kind of sick.

Girl Person really didn’t want to disappoint Boy Person. But she couldn’t let him eat the imposters. You see, this mushroom had all the characteristics of the real and tasty porcini mushroom. But it was a false porcini mushroom. A fake indeed.

Boy Person was very disappointed. But he said that it was better to know now than later. And that they were learning. And this was a learning experience. The bitter truth.

Sometimes, we can think things are real…like maybe friendships. Maybe we think we know someone.

But they let us down when we find out who they really are. It is disappointing for sure. No one ever wants to lose a friendship.

But if it’s not real in the first place, you save yourself a lot of pain and sickness later.

So think of that false mushroom. None of us want to be fake either. Be the friend who you would want to have. Be real and you attract real. Now is the time to weed out the fakes. There are only so many good mushrooms out there.

Be one of them. And find some in return.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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