The Unfortunate Incident

This is Digby Pancake. Everyone is always saying how dirty I am.  Everyone is always tell me to stop rolling in stuff.  Whatever that stuff may be.  But apparently, I am not the only one around here who needs a bath.  And or a car wash.

We had a long weekend of moving around and traveling.

Sometimes, we forgot even where we were! But then we remembered.  We were parked at wineries.  

But by the time we got to our campsite on Monday, we were so tired that we could hardly move.  

However, routine is key for our family.  And so Boy Person decided to take a run around the lake.

But as much as Boy Person likes running, he likes talking even more.  

And by the time he was done chit chatting with campers driving by, it was getting dark.  Real dark.  And he still went for a run around that lake.

Girl Person was tired too.  But she just had to cook dinner.  So she made some veggie burgers and mashed potatoes.  She cleaned up a little bit.  She took a shower.   She wrote the blog for me about the bear.

But after she did all of that, Boy Person still wasn’t back from his run. Now, she could have called him to check on him.  But our phones don’t work here.  And it was dark. And she remembered all the videos she had just watched about the bears. And there was no way she was going outside. Especially when I started growling at noises.

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And just as she was about to get up all of her courage to go outside and look for Boy Person, she saw a glimmering light of a phone outside.  It was Boy Person.  Finally. But when she opened the door to ask him if he was ok, he just said, “I don’t want to talk about it.”  And when Boy Person doesn’t want to talk, you know there is definitely something wrong.  Definitely.

Girl Person kept asking him what happened.  Had he found an animal or had he found a person? What had happened that was so dramatic and traumatic and unfortunate?

Boy Person simply asked for some cleaner. Some sanitizers.  Some plastic bags.  

He was soaked from head to toe.  He was dripping with who knows what. Girl Person asked what was all over him.  He simply said, “I do not know.  And I don’t want to know.”

It finally came out that as Boy Person was running on the trail, he accidentally stepped off into a puddle.

No, not a puddle of mud.  No, not a puddle of anything good.  A mystery puddle full of unfortunate contents and smells.  A black hole of sorts that took your pride with it as you stepped in it.  And it rained unfortunate stuff all over Boy Person as he stepped, stepped, plopped into it.  And as he ran, it got on him more.  As he ran, it covered his phone.  His shoes. His clothes. His everything.

If Boy Person couldn’t see in the dark, this was the least of his problems.  He had no idea what to do. He had to get some of it off of him.  Now, I would have ran into the lake.  But he ran into a shower.  And finally, finally, he admitted he had been in the shower with his clothes on.  For a very good reason, he said.  And his appearance as he made it back to the RV?  Unfortunate.

A long day had ended the way it had to.  By making us realize once more how dirty camping is.  How it pushes you past your limits sometimes.  How you have unfortunate incidents.  But that you can laugh about them later.  And you wouldn’t trade a laugh for a clean shower.  Except for that night.  When he got two. Otherwise, he wasn’t coming inside this Big Blue Stink Wagon RV for the night.

Now, what did Boy Person do with his clothes and his shoes?  He left them outside fo the bear to take if needed.  But unlike our camping chair and backpack, even these bears decided paws off.

A day can be hard. Long.  One thing can happen that can lead to a series of unfortunate events.  Just like life. Sometimes, we don’t know how to get out of a mess we are in.  It seems like the more we try, the dirtier we get.  But keep trying. Don’t let an unfortunate incident determine the direction for the rest of your days.  Wash it off and start again.

-Digby Pancake

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