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This is Digby Pancake. Places to go, things to see! That seems to be what we do is go, go, go! Do you ever feel like you’re on a track going and going to…nowhere?

Then how about you go somewhere.


Yesterday, we were feeling kind of like we needed a goal. Something to work towards. A destination. And so we picked another waterfall. There are a lot of waterfalls to pick from in this Georgia place.


We drove a little while, but not too long to get to the trail. And that was ok by us. You see, even though we live in a house on wheels, it can get tiredsome. Sometimes you need to get off the wheels and on your feet.

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Because if you are fortunate enough to be able to walk, you should never take it for granted.

We see golf carts a lot at campgrounds. We see persons even walking their dogs from the golf carts when they don’t have to. Seems to me that persons just try to get everywhere fast. Get things done fast. And instead of using their feet, and their mind, they just stay on that fast track. Because they think it’s easier. But is it?

The hike up to the waterfall was not easy. In fact, a lot of it was uphill. But there were stops in the creeks along the way. And places to get off the trail by ourselves if we saw anyone coming.


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We saw butterflies and birds. We tried to ignore the sound of trucks and engines in the distance. We knew they were getting to where they wanted to go much faster. But I’m not so sure they were enjoying their ride.


So we kept going and when we finally reached the top of the trail and saw the waterfall, we felt good. Like we earned it.

That we weren’t taking our feet for granted. Because one day, if we can’t move like we want to, we won’t regret the privilege we had now. It IS a privilege to be able to move. To walk.

It’s a privilege to feel. To be alive.


Never think that life should be rushed.

Sure, you may get to see more if you travel fast. But what will you remember? What will you have to dream about?

If your feet can take you places, go. It doesn’t have to be far away. It can be for a walk to a tree you’ve always wanted to paint.

Your walk can be to a lake you’ve always wanted to dip your paws in.

Your walk can be to your kitchen. And since you’re going that way, can you cook me up some pancakes? I’ll need some for my walks.

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