A Different Kind Of Good

This is Digby Pancake. Some places get into your heart right away.

You don’t expect the feeling, but all of a sudden you realize what life can be.

Feeling truly good lately can seem rare to all of us. I hear ya. And I’m sure you smell me.

I haven’t had the easiest of times lately being sick and tired and nervous.

Most days have actually felt like a struggle.

I thought about what I truly was expecting out of every day now. You see, I was comparing myself now to myself last year or the year before that, or years before that.

And that’s why I never thought that I felt good enough. What I was forgetting was that the good days now are good enough. They are just a different good. And that’s pretty awesome.

Life takes us on a timed adventure. One day we are young. The days rush by, and one day we realize we are older. We can’t remember exactly when it happened. And we stop and we wonder if the good days are going to be any more. We start to wish we could do the things we put off.

Maybe we have time. Maybe we don’t. But we have today. And if you keep worrying about the past, you’re wasting even more time. So if you’re feeling like me lately, there is no time to waste. When we got here to the Vogel State Park in this Georgia place, I knew it! This place had been waiting for me! The creeks and the lake and the trails and the waterfalls were waiting!

The birds and the trees were waiting! Oh, it was good.

The best part? It WAS a different good because it was different. And that’s when I found the secret. Life isn’t about the past or things you didn’t do. It’s the DIFFERENT things you do now! It’s keeping your mind going, your heart beating. It’s about looking for that different good! See what you can find today!

Digby Pancake

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One thought on “A Different Kind Of Good

  1. Janet Schaeffer

    So sorry you are feeling bad lately . I know the persons where hoping that a cooler place would make you feel better. Just try and relax and see if it doesn’t help. The gang and I love you.

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