Who Wouldn’t Want To Go To Possum Hollow?

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever felt like you were in a hole? Have you ever felt empty inside? Hollow?

Maybe it’s not always a bad thing to feel that way.

The last few weeks have been hard. Trying to find cooler weather for Digby meant we had to move a lot.

It meant lots of worry and stress. It meant for the persons feeling stuck. Like no matter what we did, we couldn’t make anything better or right. And so when we got to the Vogel State Park in this Georgia place, we weren’t expecting to feel any different. After all, things couldn’t possibly work out…could they? We had no expectations. Because we were in a hole of sorts. A hollow.

When we got to the park, Digby Pancake and I picked our favorite place, as we always do. We saw a sign for a place called Possum Hollow. Seemed like somewhere we should be. If we were all feeling so down, we might as well go deeper down. It was easier to do that than to go up.

So down we went. Into Possum Hollow. What we were expecting to see wasn’t what we saw at all. There was a beautiful creek and little waterfalls. There were flowers and peace. It seemed like this place had actually been waiting for us to find it. It was all ours. We loved it.

If you are down in a hollow, you might not think it would be a happy place. But it would seem to me that the further we dig deep inside ourselves to find our happy when we are at our lowest can be a beautiful thing.

Digging and figuring out why we are so down will push aside the dirt and make way for the refreshing feeling of healing.

But you might wonder…was there a possum in Possum Hollow?

Of course there was. That doesn’t mean we saw him, though. Legend has it that the possum in Possum Hollow sits out of sight, waiting for ones to come to his hollow. (I wrote this legend).

Once the possum sees someone who is down and hollow inside, he allows just a little light thru the trees.

That someone will see the light, hear the creek and touch the water. They will feel the power of hope. Not hollow. Because at their lowest is where they will see the beauty of what they have been thru, thank the possum, and climb out of the hollow to their new attitude.

Never think you are in a hollow alone. There’s not only a possum there, but others who are struggling to cope too. Recognizing how beautiful and strong we are in our lowest moments will help you climb out. Don’t stay there. The possum won’t share his bed.

When Girl Person told Boy Person about Possum Hollow, he said of course we wanted to go there. Who wouldn’t want to go to Possum Hollow?

Appreciate your time there. But move on. Climb out. Life is full, not hollow.

We move campsites today in the same park. We move again Saturday. And we move again Sunday!! But don’t worry. We still be near Possum Hollow.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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  1. Renee

    Awww. The “legend” of Possom Hollow is a great story. A deeply touching story that brought me a little healing (you tend to do that often, btw). I am certain y’all must be angels. 👼🏼

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