Yodel At Vogel

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want to do. Sometimes the reason you have to do those things is not a bad thing. Welcome to Vogel State Park in this Blairsville, Georgia Place!

We loved our doggy campground we were staying at!

We can’t say that we didn’t. In fact, it was nice to have our own yard and all of the dog parks. And the persons there were so nice.  Oh, it was fancy!

But as the weather got hotter and hotter, we had to remember why we were traveling right now in the first place. To get our Digby to cooler weather.

Part of our goal was to make him as comfortable as possible. And comfortable means happy!


And so, we had to compromise and make new reservations. That meant leaving this campground. But it didn’t mean we had to go somewhere we didn’t want to! In fact, it was just the opposite.


Boy Person has always wanted to take me and Digby to this park called Vogel State Park. But it’s always booked.

And we’ve never been able to go until now. But it was a long drive and we have to move campsites 3 times this week. A perfect scenario? Absolutely not. But sometimes, you have work to do to be happy. Sometimes, it’s not easy to make yourself happy. But when it’s for the best, maybe it doesn’t feel like work at all. Or maybe a little less of work…if you yodel. At Vogel.


You see, anyone can sing. But not everyone takes it upon themselves to yodel. It’s hard work. It’s dramatic. It takes years of practice. But how can you not be happy when you yodel?


Travel is hard work. Yet, it would be harder for us not to be together all of the time. So as we move all these times in a week, I have instructed the persons to yodel every time we move campsites. Good idea? I always have them.


Oftentimes we feel sorry for ourselves when it seems like everyone else has it easier. Like maybe the persons who made reservations a long time ago and don’t have to move three times in a week. But they don’t get to yodel.


Our true happiness depends on us. And it’s delicious when you realize that.


Sometimes it takes compromise. Planning. Being flexible. Are we willing to do that for happiness or someone else’s happiness? If we aren’t, what does that say about what we think we want? We will work for what we want to be happy. Who we want to be happy. Make it happen. Yodel if you have to.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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