The Time Capsule

This is Digby Pancake. Welcome to that Georgia place. It was a long, long drive.

But before we left that Florida place, we found something.

Something called a time capsule.

Have you ever heard of a time capsule? I had not. I guess it is kind of like when dogs bury stuff and we save it for later.

Apparently, humans do that too. But sometimes, they won’t even be the ones to uncover it again. Because it is under there a very long time. At first, I felt that was a bit depressing.

After all, it’s sad to think that you won’t be around forever. It’s also sad to think that when you put something in a time capsule, you will never see it again. But is it sad? Was there another way to look at it?

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Girl Person says the reason for the time capsule is so that others know, years from now, what life was like. And I wondered. What if I had a time capsule? What would I put it in?

First, I would want people to know years from now that dogs and cats and all pets were part of a family. So I would put a picture of my family inside.

Years from now, I would guess that RV’s will fly. So I would put a picture of our RV to show what it was like. Not broken down, that is.

Then, I would put a pancake in there. It would be a stale pancake because there is no way I’m putting a fresh one in there.

Why would I do that? It’s gonna be an old pancake anyway by the time they get it out.

I’ll also put in a bottle of maple syrup to show them that dogs are just like people. We want our food to taste extra good with extra maple syrup.

Peanut Butter Brickle said he would put a book in there filled with pictures of our travels and places we had been. He said that he wanted others to know years from now that there is nothing more important to a dog than including him or her in every day of your life.

He said no cookies would be in the time capsule because, well, he was hungry and he didn’t want the secret to his handsome given away. Not even in the future.

What would you put in your time capsule? What would you want others to know about you, years from now, when you are no longer here? No, not just the good stuff. But the not so good too. We want others to learn from us, from our mistakes. Because we don’t want them to repeat them.

Time capsules are fun to think about.

But even more important is how you live now. Now. Make your life meaningful now. That way, in the future, when others dig up stuff about you, you’ll be proud of what they find.

Digby Pancake

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