Ticked Off

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. There’s a lot that gets me perturbed. Loud noises. Loud cars. Loud dogs barking at me from cars. Oh, that is one of my pet peeves.

With all of the things that make me a bit irritable, which is a lot, you would think that all the ticks here in the woods would get me really ticked off. Really.

After all, we have to get a bath every day, and Girl Person picks thru our hair like Cheeta.

And Digby seems to be a tick magnet. How many ticks does it take to make him lose his appetite? A lot. We don’t know yet.

But we do know that just like us, ticks are trying to survive.

They are trying to live up to their purpose. And yes. They do play a role in the environment.

They benefit the moist, dark ecosystems in which they live by serving as a food source for many reptiles, birds and amphibians. Scientists even use them as an indicator of an ecosystem’s overall health and stability.

That’s why I can’t get too ticked off. I just have to get the ticks off.

Because no matter how good they are to making the world go round, they aren’t good for me.

Life is like that. What one person may find healthy and satisfying may not be the same to someone else. We can’t tell others how to be happy. Only they know.

So instead of getting ticked off and offended when someone doesn’t like what we like, appreciate why they like what they like.

I didnt like green beans as a pup. I do now. Digby didn’t like spaghetti as a pup. He loves it now. Girl Person used to hate beans. Now she’s a vegetarian. And Boy Person never liked Brussel sprouts. He still doesn’t.

Because not everyone has the same tastes. We won’t ever be friends with the ticks. But we can let them live their life. Don’t hate something like the tick. Appreciate them and move on. That’s what we are doing today! Georgia bound!

Stay tuned!

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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