This is Peanut Butter Brickle. If you think that you have a lot of choices today, well, you are correct. We all do. From the time we get up, we have to choose…will I decide to have a good day today, or an ok today, or a bad day today?

And I have found that if I don’t intentionally answer that question right away, the answer is given to me later.

You may say that we can’t control everything that happens in our day. Like we couldn’t control ours this week.

You see, we thought we had picked a shady campsite in Georgia. We also thought that we had researched cell service and directions. But, you guessed it. Our campsite was the sunniest one there was. That would be ok if it wasn’t 90 degrees and your air conditioners weren’t from 1985.

There was barely any cell service unless you wrapped your head in tin foil.

And we were right behind a busy bathroom with campers walking thru our site all day.

Yep. Things weren’t going our way. You might say we lost our way from a happy day to a frustrating day.

But what forces you to acknowledge your mistakes is often trials and problems. What else would make us understand? Sometimes we are forced into it. Girl Person realized that perhaps she had felt too confident about making reservations since we had been doing this for four years and she didn’t quite look at the campsite pictures close enough. If I wasn’t so handsome, maybe she could stop staring at me.

We can blame others like Girl Person could have blamed all the bad reviews online. And maybe she did. I said it. But placing blame changes nothing. We can either do nothing or do something else. So Girl Person called the camp office, and explained that we don’t do good in the heat and she checked to see if there was another spot.

We found one but it’s only for a week. But that’s ok. We will move over there today.

Is it a pain in my cookie butt? It is. But at least it won’t be burnt. Although burnt cookies aren’t that bad…

So stay tuned. Even though we’ve been doing this travel gig for many years, we still don’t have it all figured out and we probably never will. Life is like that do. Be willing to change if what you’ve been doing doesn’t work. Don’t place blame on others. Look at yourself.

We leave you with this thought for the week. Always choose to do what’s right.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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