The Tranquility Trail

This is Digby Pancake. Girl Person has been talking a lot lately about tranquility, and how the persons in this family would like to have a lot less stress. I don’t really know what stress is. But I do know what tranquillity is. Because we found it on the Tranquility Trail. Yes.

Yes. That’s right. The Tranquility Trail. A beautiful trail here at camp that we didn’t know we needed. But when we were on it, we realized how much we had missed it. Tranquility, that is.

We haven’t been doing much hiking lately because we had to “stay in place” at the farm. I also don’t know what that means. But all I know is that we couldn’t really go anywhere or do anything around others. Then, it got hot in that Florida place. Real hot.

And I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything then. So it’s been a long time since we went on a hike. Wow. I missed it. And I didn’t realize how much.

When I gazed up on the small, babbling brook, I felt tranquil. Do you?

When I looked up at a tall tree, I felt tranquil. Do you?

When I stepped into the creek and let my feet sink into the cold, Georgia clay, I felt tranquil. Do you?

When i looked up and Girl Person told me she was proud of Brickle and I for completing the trail, I felt tranquil. Do you?

There are many things that can lead us on a path of tranquility.

But more often than not, we choose the louder and harder way to go because we are following everyone else. Sure, we should live life! But don’t let unimportant things distract you. Do you even remember who you were before all the noise?

Things are all around you to help you relax, breathe and reflect. Don’t be scared to hear your own thoughts.

So, won’t you go down your own Tranquility Trail today? It’s time for a change. I can feel it.

Find a few moments to look up, look down, and look around. Find what you’re looking for to feel at peace.

We will be in High Falls State Park, Georgia until Friday. Won’t you explore it with us?

Digby Pancake

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