Eggs In A Carton

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. A dozen eggs…that egg carton in the grocery store…do you open it and check out your eggs before you buy them? I know. I know. It’s a Monday and you probably don’t want to answer too many questions. But this is important.

Girl Person says you never know what you’re going to find when you open the egg carton.

Some eggs may be older. Some eggs may be cracked.

So what do you do? Do you put all the eggs back in your carton for another carton? Probably. Because you have to pay for those eggs. And you have to be able to use them.

I need my scrambled eggs every morning. It’s crucial to have my eggies!

But I started feeling bad for all the eggs in the carton that people put back.

Why? The cracked eggs weren’t always cracked. At one time, they were shiny and nice to look at.

And at one time, the older eggs were young. The older eggs were brand new. But not any more.

You see, we are all like eggs in a carton.

One day we are young and new. We have days and days ahead of us. But then maybe someone drops us or someone hurts us. We crack.

One day we are young.

But days may go by and no one recognizes our value. We don’t either. So we stay on the shelf and we go back in our carton. And more and more time passes. Before we know it, we are expired.

I know. It’s Monday and you have the whole week ahead of you. But don’t let this be the week you do nothing. Be used. Use your talents, your values. Because one day, you may not have that opportunity.

Maybe now you’re an older egg. Well. I can’t turn back the paws of time.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be used. It’s just that your value has changed.

Just like eggshells and older eggs can be added to the soil and compost to help vegetables grow, use your wisdom and your experience to help someone else.

Make the world a better place no matter how long you’ve been in that carton.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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One thought on “Eggs In A Carton

  1. Linda

    I am one of the older eggs in the egg carton. This post really spoke me. I often feel, and even more so during this pandemic with the talk of older lives having so little value, that I have little to offer. I hope that I can find a way to make a meaningful contribution despite my age. I am new to 2traveling dogs, and have found it to be such an inspiration during all of this. I have three dogs of my own who bring me such joy.

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