Zoomies Required

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. But today, I have been tasked with the assignment of teaching school again. It’s time for Brickle and Digby’s Homeschool For Dogs. And this week’s assignment is a very important one.

With so many persons feeling all cooped up lately, you could also stand to take a lesson from our homeschool.

Today, we will go over why Zoomies are very important.

Yes. Zoomies.

First, what is the definition of a Zoomie?

It is a squatted run, often with the dog’s tail or bottom tucked underneath them. That simply means that we run like crazy when all of our energy gets built up inside!

What are some instances that dogs would get the Zoomies?

1. After a bath.

Have you ever felt so good and yet were mad about it at the same time? Getting clean may be good for us. But we prefer to get dirty all over again quickly. Who wants to smell good? Not me. Not me. Zoomies!

2. I think persons needs their own dog park right about now.

But since they have to be on a leash currently, I can only imagine their Zoomies when they are let out! Dogs love to play. It’s good for us. We get happy about it. We know we need it. You persons need it too.

But you gotta stay home right now.

3. Every day is running together right now. You may even forget what day it is.

Us dogs are tired of your daily shenanigans too.

So after a hard day of watching you do nothing, well, we may get the Zoomies! Maybe you persons should take a hint and zoomie instead of opening the refrigerator door again. However, since you’ve got it open, I’ll take a snack.

Me and Brickle want to say we know you’re having a rough time right now. You may wonder why some days you don’t have any energy. And some days you want to just run away. And that’s ok. You can want to. But you gotta run in your own house. It’s possible. That’s why Zoomies are required!

Brickle and I have never taught school before. But as long as we have your attention, and your dog’s attention too, make yourself feel better today. Release some energy. Zoomies required! No one can see you! Go crazy!

Today at 5 pm ET only on our Facebook Page, tube in to watch today’s lesson!

Teacher Deputy Digby Pancake

Did you dog score an A today? Comment and tell us when your dog gets the zoomies and enter for a chance to win a bottle of our new, Happy Camper organic dog shampoo!

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