The Wanderers

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I have issued many warrants this week for arrests in the Big Blue Treat Wagon.

Yes. I have nothing better to do. And I simply just have to acknowledge my partner, Deputy Digby Pancake for handing all the paperwork. Yes. He just eats it. But hey. Done is done.

What am I issuing warrants for? Loitering. Wandering. Yes. Wandering and loitering. Our persons seems to just be getting thru each day. And not particularly getting much done. At all. They say not all wanderers are lost. I sure have heard that a lot. But some wanderers are lost. Do you feel that way?

Seems like everyone thinks they should be getting so much done because they are at home.

Well guess what? No one has set those expectations for you. Why am I issuing arrest warrants for wandering? Because wandering usually serves no purpose. If you’re wandering, you could be doing something like resting. Eating. Taking care of your mind. Relaxing. You are living thru a pandemic. That’s enough.

On the other hand, if projects and goals are what helps you to feel better, do that. Get to your happy place. Even if for a little while.

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In my case, my project are arrests. Digby likes to make snacks. To each his own. Do what you need to do. And do it for you. Not to meet anyone’s expectations. And certainly not to feel guilty.

Maybe soon we will be able to travel and wander aimlessly again in a fun way. It’s almost like when you are forced to do something, it seems less fun. So many say they want to stay home with their furkids. You may not get this opportunity again. Appreciate that.

We all are wandering with no clear direction right now. We can’t pretend to know how someone else feels because they have their own roadblocks. So be an encouragement, but also acknowledge someone else’s situation. We may not be able to see each other now. But we can hear.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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