Your Pool Boy

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. There’s not many things that are little about me. My belly isn’t little.My appetite isn’t little. My bark isn’t little.

But I do have some little things about me. I live in a house on wheels that’s little.

And when you have a little house, your dreams don’t have to be so big. Neither does your pool. It can be little too.

There’s not much to do lately. First, we can’t go anywhere I’m told. Second, it’s too hot to go anywhere here in this Florida place, anyway.

And Girl Person said that those two factors added up to one little pool that was calling my name.

You would think that Brickle with his beach body would enjoy showing it off poolside.

But nope. He doesn’t like to get his hair wet. Me, on the other paw, have no problem with being a pool boy. Can I be your pool boy today?

Yes. Since I have nothing to do, allow me to take you to an oasis.

Wait a second. We aren’t at a tropical oasis? Ok. Then let me take you to a little pool by an RV at a farm campground. Will that do? I’m sure it will. I have many luxuries to present you with.

I can bring you a Pupper Colada or a barkarita poolside.

If you would like snacks, I’ll be happy to take your order for the kitchen, but I can’t guarantee their safe arrival back at the pool.

I also will be happy to keep you company in the little pool.

I don’t do much but stand in it, and can’t guarantee my usage of facilities outside of it, however.

Not see as how I may be your only choice as a pool boy in these hard times, I suggest you hire me. Come on in my little pool! The water’s fine!

Let’s lounge the day away.

Yes. Life may be rough right now. It sure is.

And we may not be able to do or buy all of the things we used to. But sometimes, when we make due, we find out how little we really needed. And what we do need. That would be a barkarita. Coming right up!

Deputy Digby Pancake

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One thought on “Your Pool Boy

  1. barbara sevrens

    Good morning Thank you for sharing your little pool. At least you can keep cool. You guys have a wonderful day t boday xoxo❤

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