New In Town

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Life is a journey. If you’re us…it’s like a journey that never ends.

The persons decided that they didn’t want to travel too far yesterday. In fact, about 15 minutes down the road. Why?

I guess if I had a choice between traveling far or going to a pancake bar down the road, well, I would pick the latter.

Seems like we are always the new kids in town. Because we are always the new kids in town. You never know who is going to be next to you. Behind you. In front of you. And once you park your house on wheels? You wonder who is going to move in.

It’s an odd feeling. But you would think you’d get used to it. But every time you get to a new place, you feel like the new kids on the block.

You have to make conversation. Be all nice. Because you’re the new kids. And if you’re like me? You might be having a not so perfect day…like my day yesterday. And you may surprise everyone. In fact, you may even need to apologize.

I was feeling a bit tired. No. We had not traveled far that morning. But it was still a lot of work. And it always is when you have a house on wheels.

We were just settling down at our new campsite next to the tiki bar when Girl Person tried to introduce us to a neighbor who was even older than me! And that neighbor? He decided he wanted to talk real loud in our face. Brickle didn’t mind for once. And I normally wouldn’t either. But for some reason, and I don’t know why, I barked back. Very meanly. Very UnDigby Pancake like.

Everyone was so shocked that they literally almost fell.

And yet no one was mad at me. Just surprised. But for once, as the new kid on the block, I wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t want to be social. I just didn’t. Yet no one was paying attention to how I felt.

Girl Person apologized to me after she apologized to our neighbors. She said that it was ok not to feel social. But we always had to be polite. She did tell me that she realized I couldn’t tell her how I felt. And that she should have been paying more attention. She said it was her fault that she put me in a situation I didn’t want. And although everyone expects me to be happy all the time, I’m not. I’m not perfect.

Sometimes change is good. But taking a break is good too. Being alone for a little while is something we all need. Even me. When life gets overwhelming, if we need to take a break by ourselves that is ok. Our minds need time to rest just like our bodies. We all deserve to be the best we can. And others deserve for us to be the best we can to them. So take care of yourself first. For me, I need to rest up for that pancake bar. I know there’s one out there.

We will he in Cedar Key, for one more week! We hope you stay with us! We are going to try and find some manatees!

Deputy Digby Pancake

Back for a few days only! Long and short sleeve available!

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