You Get A Lizard, You Get A Lizard, Everyone Gets A Lizard!

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Some days, things just seem to go your way. Things seem to fall into your lap. At least I heard that happens. Somewhere.

But around here, the only thing that falls into your lap are lizards. Yep. Lizards.

Girl Person and I were sitting outside at camp yesterday working. I was telling her what to write and she was drinking her kombucha. And the world was good.

Until all of a sudden, there was a big plop! Girl Person looked around, looked up and then looked down.

Seems as though there was an emergency. And there was no time to call an ambulance. No time. There he was on the ground. On his back. Tongue hanging out. Out cold. Girl Person screamed. Boy Person dropped his chair and jumped up. I saw the victim. And sometimes you can just get in the way, so I let them handle it. A lizard had fallen from the tree! Boy Person told everyone to calm down and to give the lizard a minute, and that he was in shock. Girl Person tried to control her tears. And just as it seemed the lizard was not going to move, he jumped up and ran up the tree. It was a miracle.

The persons talked about it and thought maybe he had fallen from a limb and hit the RV awning. And right as they said that, Girl Person commented that she really had work to do. And it happened again. Plop! A palm tree frond came falling down. With a lizard. Another lizard.

This time, Girl Person wasn’t as calm. She demanded to know what was happening. Had the lizards gotten in to her kombucha? Was there a lizard party in the middle of the day, yet it was 5 o’clock somewhere? No. The lizards kept falling. And falling. And the last straw? When one fell into her hair. Into. Her. Hair.

That was enough. Ever wanted a lizard? There were enough for everyone! You get a lizard, you get a lizard, everyone gets a lizard!

Boy Person was called into the situation again. He quickly surmised that these lizards were in a bit of an argument of sorts. And that they all needed arresting.

There was nothing I could really do as Sheriff. They were disturbing the peace. Yes. But they weren’t trespassing. We were actually in their yard. And well, I suppose that came with the territory in their territory. So I asked them what they were fighting about. And it seems that it was over a girl. A girl. And how was I to argue with that? I told them to carry on but to please watch their footing. Girl Person’s screaming was interrupting my beauty sleep.

You see, I realized that sometimes, we just have to let others work out their own problems. We can be there for others. But if it robs us of our joy or our peace, their problems can hurt us too. We have to know our boundaries. We should always help when we can and when we should, but only when that individual wants and accepts our help.

If we want others to be there for us when we need help too, remember that friendship goes both ways. Never get so caught up in your own problems that you can’t see what others are going thru. Because one day, you may be that lizard that falls. Will someone be there to help you back up?

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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  1. Iris

    “Leapin’ lizards, Brickle- that’s not a lizard, it’s a skink! Rhymes with stuff Digby gets into. (Little Orphan Annie)

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