One Mile An Hour

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Do you set your alarm clock every day? Maybe it’s on your phone thing. Maybe you have a pancake alarm clock. I can only hope that you do.

I think that if everyone had a pancake alarm clock, the day would probably seem much more sweeter. But no one does. And not everyone can wake up as happy as I do.

I think it’s because everyone knows they have a lot of stuff to do. Everyone thinks they have to rush around. Or maybe they have goals to meet in the day that make the day seem hard. But whenever I wake up lately, I know that we won’t be doing as many miles on the trails. We won’t be going as fast. And adjusting for us happened to us overnight when I got sick.

Now, that trail that used to take us 30 minutes to walk isn’t possible.

Like when we tried yesterday.

You see, this particular trail is shady and nice and quiet. And it’s not hard. Except that I’m more tired. But Sheriff Brickle goes at my pace. And my pace? One mile an hour. Except yesterday, I didn’t feel like the mile. I only felt like half the mile. And I didn’t feel so bad about it. Because no one else was making me feel bad about it. Not even myself.

Because you see, my internal pancake alarm clock told me it was time to wake up. But it told me it was time to do my best. Not over stress. Not overdo it. It was time to be kind. To me. And being kind means not having a goal that hurts you. Being kind meant for me that I went as far as I could. With the ones who were there to support that. During every waking moment. Whether that be if we are fast or slow. Whether we go far or stay still.

Sometimes it’s going to take us longer to get where we want to.

And maybe, things change. Maybe we will never travel as far in life as we once did. But I can tell you from experience, moving fast is overrated.

No matter what our speed is, life can be sweet if we do our best and don’t make ourselves feel bad for things that we can’t change. Maybe someday soon, I’ll have just as much energy as before. But even if I don’t, having ones who understand and let me go at my speed is pretty pawsome. Today, I go to the vet Person again. Something about a test. I didn’t study for it, but I think I’ll get a good grade. I just may need some extra time. Let’s do this!

Deputy Digby Pancake

One thought on “One Mile An Hour

  1. Suzanne

    I haven’t been following your blog for long. But I think this is my new favorite. My dog can’t make it all the way around the neighborhood anymore most days. I let him dictate the pace – and we walk a little less, and sniff a lot more. I think I could learn something from him and Digby. Thanks, Digby. And good luck acing your test today.

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