It Takes Two

This is Deputy Digby. No one has ever confused me with a rocket scientist.

No one has ever confused me with a scholar. That makes me want to holler.

But also,no one has ever said I don’t see the bright side of things. Even if my house disappears before my eyes. Or from my favorite campsite.

Yesterday, it was time to move two spaces over at camp. It wasn’t that we were mad about it. But it is tiring trying to move everything and keep me and Brickle cool and calm in this Florida place heat. Two spaces might as well have been two hundred miles. You have to do the same things anyway!

The persons were tired and it was hot. And they were getting irritable while Brickle and I just cooled off inside.

And during this time, I began to think about something. Was it particularly a big deal to move? Sure. It seemed kinda ridiculous. And maybe so. Maybe that’s why I stood in site 166 and looked for a house that wasn’t there anymore. Where was the door? Rocket scientist I am not. But insightful I am.

Everyone thinks of what inconveniences them. We have to move campsites. It’s a pain in the booty. But what about who booked our old campsite? What if they’ve been looking forward to it for a long time? What if the site means a lot to them too? What if they like the Scarlet Pimpernel pecking their mirrors all day? Maybe it’s the highlight of their year. It should be. Actually.

Life is hard sometimes. But never feel so important that you forget what others feel like. Put yourself in their paws. And don’t make everything about you. Even Brickle doesn’t do that on Tuesday’s.

It takes two people to move our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV two campsites down. It takes two dogs to put things into perspective. And it takes two seconds to stop making everything about you. Try it.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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2 thoughts on “It Takes Two

  1. barbara Sevrens

    I’m so sorry you had to move over two spots lots of trouble but you guys did it have a great memorial day

  2. Nice perspective from the Deputy. It looks as if he is feeling much, much better. That’s something to celebrate, even in the midst of dreadful heat. It could be worse. You could be here, where it’s rained every day for the past two weeks and is streaming down again today. It’s ‘cool’ (temperature wise) sure, but it’s getting old. And dogs don’t care to go out in it, which makes the girl person in this house upset at the mess that happens. It’s all in perspective.

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