Born To Be Alive

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Some weeks seem longer than others, don’t they? Persons complain about Monday’s. They complain about working and just making it to the weekend. And then the whole complaining starts again.

As usual, dogs like me have a different way of seeing things because we watch stuff a lot. And when I see Girl Person’s Depression Monster start trying to get in this RV again, well…something has to be done. It’s time to bring out the Digby Pancake reminders.

You see, we were not meant to walk thru our days longing for another day. We were not meant to wish for time to speed up to bring us to a point in the week that is acceptable for us to be happy.

Who said you can’t enjoy a Monday because it’s called Monday? The people who hate Monday’s.

As we were going hiking yesterday, Girl Person complained about the heat. She complained our air wasn’t working. She complained that the bugs were out and about.

And then she said to me and Brickle that she knew that we knew she had been fighting that Depression Monster lately again. Wondering why we still lived in this RV. Wondering why certain plans had fell thru. Wondering how she could sleep at night or what she would have to fight next. And this made her complain about a good day! Because there we were hiking. Hiking on a weekday when many people did not have a chance to do that. Was it fair to be upset about a good day?

We can complain about anything if we want to. And that Depression Monster tells us it’s ok. It wants us to be sad and feel unworthy. It wants to take time from our day and the ones we love. It doesn’t care.

That’s when you have to care about yourself. You were born to be alive.

You weren’t born to be sad. Depressed. You were born to do things. To make the world better. Any and all days of the week. So if you have more sad days and hectic days when you feel tired, think about that. What can you change?

Don’t think that Depression Monster isn’t real. It’s very real and seeing it can help you fight it. And if you need backup? Call in your dog for help. We know what to do.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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