What A Fool Believes

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I am all about balance. For example, your pancakes have to be stacked in the appropriate manner for them not to fall over. You must have the right ratio of syrup to hold it all together. And then, you have the makings of a perfect stack of pancakes.

If you were to believe that you could have the perfect stack without maple syrup at all, you would be incorrect. That’s like saying you can have a cookie without peanut butter. It’s just not right.

And so, as usual, everything is related to our days and our life. Because things happen and it makes you stop and think.

Am I looking at things right? Am I finding the right balance between being irritated with a potato chip on my shoulder, and am I refusing to see the balance? That’s at least what Girl Person asked. I would just like to know where the pancakes and when the pancakes are.

We take lots of walks at camp. And there is often lots of children who run up to us and try to grab us. Most often, they are fascinated by Sheriff Brickle’s tail. And you know that’s not acceptable. So Girl Person spends a lot of time protecting us. She gets tired from it.

Then there are the persons that run from us who don’t like dogs. The persons who scream not to come near them. The persons who get mad when we bark or when we are dogs. And Girl Person gets tired from it. She was pretty frustrated this past busy weekend. And then she asked to see a stack of pancakes. She needed to find some balance.

When you choose just to see the negative parts of your day, it makes more negative parts in your day. Was she really looking at things with reality? I knew that if she believed there were more people who didn’t like us than did like us, she was very wrong.

For instance, the kids liked us. Maybe too much, but they liked us. And how many more people walked by us and said “cute dogs” or “fine looking dogs” or “look at those old guys.” I certainly don’t mind that. They are older than me.

In reality, life’s stack of pancakes was filled with more sweet maple syrup than not. It’s so easy to let negative and uncalled for actions of others get us down. But how easy do we make it for people that are nice to bring us up? That’s up to us. To you.

Take one day. Count how many good things there are. Really listen.

You may be surprised at how much good you hear. You may find your balance. And you may want some pancakes. Just sayin.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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One thought on “What A Fool Believes

  1. barbara Sevrens

    Life is a stack of pancakes with syrup. Balance is important but when things don’t balance out to your satisfaction don’t get upset. Happy Tuesday to you all.🌷🌷😄

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