What Fell On The Roof?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  One day you have sunshiney.  You love it.  You appreciate it.  But you know it can’t stay forever.


The next day, there are tornado warnings. Wind. Campers scurrying around like mice under the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.

The persons have all kinds of choices in the RV when this happens.  Do you put out the awning and risk it being torn off the motor home or flying away?

Or do you leave it down to protect all your stuff outside which is not worth a dime or a penny or half a penny?


Do you try to drive to a safer place or hunker down?

Or maybe if you are Boy Person, you decide to get on the roof when the storm is coming and sweep off the leaves so that they don’t clog up the drain parts and make the roof fall in.


But maybe he should not have done that.

Because as he was up there, and Girl Person was trying to forget he was up there because he won’t listen to her, a boom of all booms happened.  And it wasn’t thunder.  Something had fell on the roof. Girl Person jumped up like someone had just announced there were puppies nearby!  She was afraid of what she would see.  But there Boy Person was on the ground.  He had gotten off the roof just in time as something has fallen on the roof.  That would be part of a tree.

Girl Person had never been so happy than to see Boy Person on the ground.  But he wasn’t so happy.  He said that there was probably a hole up there.  And by the sound of the boom, everyone was sure of it.  But as he went up there to check…again…it had sounded worse than it was.  And tragedy was averted for the Big Blue Treat Wagon.  Once again.

We made it through a very long afternoon and very scary moments.

But life can be like that.  We all have to go thru storms.  We can’t have all good days.  We can’t live like Digby Pancake.


But what I learned from the tree falling on the roof is that things sometimes sound worse than what they are.


It is easy to overreact and to think our world has come to an end.  But if we can stay calm and think, is there another way to make it through the storm?

I think that there is.  Because the rain can’t last forever.


The storm won’t last for all our days, but we know that the sun will always come up.  Just don’t go up on the roof.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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