How Does Your Garden Grow?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Deputy Digby has mentioned before that he would like to find a pancake tree one day. Or grow some pancakes in a garden. But so far, I’ve never come across any pancake seeds to give to him. And I don’t know where to buy them. So we have found the next best thing to grow. Happy. Have you ever tried to grow that?

Just a few days ago, we visited a garden place where they have lots of wild flowers and things to see. It was a new place to explore and we were so happy about that. We had already found the happy seeds.

Deputy Digby and I have been feeling a little bored lately. I’m not afraid to say it. We needed to expand our minds a little bit and see something new. Learn something new. That would be watering our happy seeds. Digby is very good at that.

Sometimes it is good to sit for awhile. Sometimes it is good to reflect and think. But we have to have something to reflect on.

Planting happy seeds is good. But we have to water them for anything to grow. We can’t just leave them there and expect they will grow on their own.

For some of us, we may find it easier to be happy and stay happy. Digby has it easy.

But for me and some like me, we may have to work on our happy seeds a little more. We may grow a little slower. But we will still blossom.

Everyone’s garden needs a different nutrient depending on the soil. There are different things that make up everyone’s dirt.

What makes our garden grow is a mix of adventure and rest.

Our garden has good food and good times together.

Even if we are in one place for awhile, I can guarantee there is something new to see. You just have to stop and smell the roses. Or pee on them. Whatever works.

And when you find your happy wilting, like we did this week, find out what you need. Don’t wait on someone else to water it.

Chances are, our gardens have to be replanted sometimes. And that’s ok too. What makes your garden grow? Find those seeds and find your happy again.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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