I Bought Myself Flowers

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I have learned so much since I have been adopted into my family. I’ve had to look to Brickle to help me with the basics.

I’ve had to lean on Brickle when I don’t understand something.

And when I have been scared, I have asked questions. I have tried to be a good boy. Whatever that means. I hear persons say that all of the time. They just love to say that. All dogs are good.

All dogs are very good. All of the the time.

But one thing that no one can teach is self confidence. No matter how many times my persons tell me how great I am, and even Brickle too, I have to believe it. I’m trying. And I’m starting to learn this.

So when we went to a farmers market here in this Georgia place, and I saw all of these collars for sale, I knew which one I wanted. I don’t know how to ask for something except to bark. But Brickle said it would not be necessary in this situation.

He said to be extra nice to the lady selling the collars so that she would talk to us and tell us we were handsome.

And that then, Girl Person would realize she should get us one. I don’t have a credit card yet.

So that’s what happened. But. I knew which collar I wanted. The one with flowers on it. The one that seemed like a happy collar. Like me.

And somehow, that’s the collar I got. Oh, the power of positive thinking.

Oh, the feeling of confidence that comes from within. Oh, how the right things happen when you believe in yourself.

I bought myself flowers. And you can too.

There are so many reasons we can tell ourselves we aren’t good enough. Or that we aren’t worthy to feel confident. But we are. We all are. We are here, right?

We make it thru each day somehow. And in the midst of trying our best, we try to help others.

We try to make someone else’s day better. You do that for me. I hope i do that for you.

I bought myself flowers with my confidence. And the flowers will only keep growing. We all have to keep growing. And blooming!!

We all have to believe in ourselves so we can be our best to others.

What flowers can you buy yourself today? Go get them!

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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