From This Day Forward, This Will Be Known As Brickle’s Spot

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Not everything in life is what it seems. Because usually, we only have a second to define a moment. And we each carry our own dictionary of sorts.

One of my favorite things to do is watch others. No matter how we travel, or where we travel, I pick a favorite spot. The best spot to take in my surroundings.

The best spot to think and to learn. Learning is what is most important at my spot. Because you can watch all you want to. If you simply judge and do not learn, what is the point?

So when we were at the cabin for dogs, I picked my spot there too.

A spot where I could see up the hill. A spot where I could see to the creek. A spot where I could see the cabin.

I claimed that spot. I said that from this day forward, it would be known as Brickle’s spot.

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It is not to say that I won’t have more spots. It is not to say I haven’t had many spots in the past. But everywhere is different. Everywhere has a different angle. Everywhere can make you better. If you use it.

It is so very easy for only to see what is in front of us. There is a lot to do each day. There are only so many things we can do, though. Being a better individual should be part of each day, even if we have to let something else go. Like bathing your dog. Just a suggestion.

Pick a spot in life. Not a spot where you have been before. If you have always just lived in one place, that is great. But have you taken the time to learn about other countries and other places and other persons? Pick a spot and read about or watch how others in a far away place live their lives. You don’t have to agree with it. But you can learn at your spot.

If you have only ever volunteered or helped one cause, pick a spot. Who else can use your help? How can you spread out your kindness to others in need? Look around where you live. Is an elderly person in need of a hot meal or company? Is a dog rescue or a cat rescue or a shelter in need of supplies? Are there children that need items for school? How can you help? Kindness isn’t old fashioned. Pick a way to help. Pick a spot.

Maybe you love your family. But you have never taken the time to understand how they grew up. Or why they are the way that they are. Maybe they irritate you or maybe your patience isn’t there because, well, they are family. But what other angle is there? Can you ask questions? Pick a spot to start.

I have many more places and faces to see in my lifetime. And I have seen many before. Picking a spot isn’t always easy.

What is easy is to not learn and to not see someone or something else from a different angle. Because maybe you don’t want to be wrong. Or maybe you don’t want the responsibility that comes with knowledge. But if we all picked a spot each and every day, we would all be happier. More kind. And ready to help. Be ready. Pick a spot.

We are now in Clayton, Georgia for the week to explore the nearby areas of Highlands, North Carolina and Helen, Georgia!

Peanut Butter Brickle

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