Is There Happy Without Sad?

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon.  Yesterday, we visited a spot in this Georgia place that the persons and Brickle had been to before.  It was called Black Rock Mountain State Park. 

And I learned that all rocks are not the same.

Especially when that rock was stood on by Digby a few years ago.  Three short years to be exact.  And as we took our hike around the lake and came upon that same rock, Girl Person said that she wanted my picture on it too. 

Because although she was very sad about missing Digby Pancake, she was very happy to have me in her life at the same time.  And I wondered. Is there happy without sad?

Because when I was a stray dog, with nowhere comfortable to lay my head at night or anytime in fact, I was sad.  But…I did not know how comfortable I could be.  I did not know that there were cushy beds and blankies. 

And yesterday morning, as I was all comfortable, I did remember how sad I was without those things.  But now, I was so, so happy.  So is there happy without sad?  Can you be happy without knowing the opposite?

It may not seem so on the outside right now, but the persons are a little sad.  They were so determined to get our little house officially and get their paperwork straight to be able to get to that Italy place already.  But more than one problem keeps happening.  And now we feel like we are wandering around.

My persons do get that Depression Monster very easily. And it is hard to make themselves concentrate and remember that they can do something.  Sometimes, they don’t feel like they are enough of anything in the smart department or that they aren’t as young as they used to be.  But I know that if a stray dog like me can end up with so many friends and family out there, anything is possible. 

And although I keep trying to keep up my happy meter to help them out, they are going to have to reach deep inside themselves. 

They are going to have to push thru the problems and obstacles.  This is the most determined that they will ever have to be.

So they are sad right now.  But when we get to that Italy place?  Oh, even with all of the work ahead and difficulties, it is what they want.  And a change is what we all need.  And when we get there, it will be such a happy, happy day!!  And a happy, happy life! We will remember that time we were sad right now.  But if we concentrate, we can do this.  Now….our goal is November.  And that will come up quick.

So it is time to remember why we are doing this.  And I know another way to remember they are strong.  Because it is time to channel Digby’s strong will.  He was more determined than the rock he stood on that day many years ago. 

He had already faced challenges and set backs and health problems.  But he was resilient.  He was strong.  Because his desire to be on this earth as long as possible with his family was stronger than that rock. 

So now persons, let’s remember getting to that Italy place is more than possible.  Is there happy without sad?  Well, unfortunately, I think you don’t know the full power of being happy until you have lost it.  Now, let’s get it back!

-Fruitycake The Raccoon

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One thought on “Is There Happy Without Sad?

  1. Jacquelyn

    Fruitycake it does seem like you all are just wandering around with no place to call home. Your house in Italy is going to need lots of work before you can even live in it. You should have someone there doing the work for you and having it move in ready when you get there. You not only have to fix the house, but you have to fill it with furniture, appliances and all the other necessities. And how are you going to get there in November? I worry about you all every day and feel sad for you too. I love you and hope your dreams come true soon.❤️🐾🙏

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