This is Peanut Butter Brickle. When you see me, well, you may not think that I’m the definition of welcoming. Some may call me…grouchy.

I seem to give off a sort of commanding presence. I am strong. I am proud. And I am confident.

But I’ve really had to work on being approaching. Welcoming. It’s taken me many years to even have the wel in welcome.

When we got to the cabin yesterday here in this Georgia place that’s made for dogs, I thought of how important being welcomed is.

Right away, we felt at ease. We felt appreciated. We felt noticed. We felt welcome.

Even though I’ve taught Fruitycake so many things, he’s reminded me of important things. Like being happy. Like smiling.

Those things make others feel welcome. And when others feel welcome, you get the benefits too.

They treat you nicer. You can both feel at ease. You can make someone’s day better and yours too.

But I’m here to say, it’s not always my first inclination to do that.

Persons have trouble too with that. And persons have schedules. They have worries too. And that can weigh down the welcome.

So what can we do? We have to work on the welcome.

We have to put it first. We have to make it a priority. Anything important will be a priority.

If it’s not in our heart it will not be a priority. Simply put. Truth. And if we want to be better, to others and ourselves, we will work on our welcome. To everyone.

Peanut Butter Brickle

We will be here until tomorrow enjoying Chloe’s Cabin at DogDazed in Ellijay, Georgia.

DogDazed is a dog -friendly destination that is set on acreage with room to roam. They love dogs and they love people with dogs! Dogs can run in Tails Creek or go for hikes on the property. They are also a 1 mile walk to National forest. They are secluded but easy to get to; just 11 miles from downtown Ellijay, GA. Chloe’s Cabin was inspired by their motto, Human Designed Dog Refined. The cabin is fully furnished for all of your needs including a fenced in yard for your furry family members. Book here!

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