The First Draft Is Just Telling Yourself The Story

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Do you dream? I am not just talking about dreaming at night when the day is done and the sky is dark.

I am talking about dreaming in your mind, any time of the day. Dreaming about good things, even if those good things seem impossible or even if those good things seem far away.

That is what Girl Person decided to do yesterday. Because the weight of decisions and worry finally broke free with a dream.

As she looked at just one of the videos that Boy Person took while he was in that Italy place, she imagined how it could be there when she saw a video of the ruins that are attached to the little house there.

Without all of the worry and others telling her she shouldn’t and she couldn’t make it work there, she saw a draft. A draft of a new story that she was telling herself.

A scene of her writing her book in those ruins that were now her writer’s studio.

A scene of a new chapter in her life. Even if it is only a dream to her right now, she still wanted to see it in her mind. Oh, how it would be such a good place to write. Such a good place to be.

Have you ever thought about something, but you felt guilty? Not because it was wrong, but because you didn’t believe that you deserved it or that you should want that?

Persons seem to put themselves down in a place that they can’t crawl out with no dreams at all. What is wrong with dreaming and imagining yourself in a wonderful place or in a wonderful, happy beginning?

There is nothing wrong with that. Because even if all it ever is IS a dream, isn’t it great thinking about it?

We all may have been in a chapter or two of our lives. If you are like me, there have been many chapters that have closed. But tomorrow’s chapter and the rest of your life is still a draft.

And the first thing that you need to do is to tell the story to yourself. That way, if you dream it, it can come true…if you want it to.

Your dreams are your dreams, no one else’s. Never let anyone take that story out of your heart or your head.

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t.

I have been told I can’t do many things since I was born. I ended up in the scariest place a dog can end up. The animal shelter. And more than one, I might add.

But I made it out and I wrote the chapters no one expected. Write the chapters no one expects of you and dream what you want to dream.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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