No Turn Around

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. When you have a truck as big as ours, it’s not so easy to turn it around.

Sometimes we will have to drive for miles to be able to find a way to reroute. It takes time.

So it’s important to the persons to make sure that they know where they are going. It’s no different in our lives right now.

We are coming up on some obstacles in the road to that Italy place. We sure are. Many all at once.

But when you make a decision you know is best for you and you still encounter obstacles it is tempting to turn around. The familiar is usually easier to go back to.

Girl Person is struggling to focus and remember what we are working towards because she gets frustrated and hurt easily. And moving to another country is not an easy thing to do. At all. Nope.

Right now, the persons have to figure out how to make some paperwork right. And we are also waiting to hear if we can get on the ship leaving at the end of May because we still don’t have a kennel.

Girl Person says crying seems appropriate. Also pulling herself together is appropriate. I say she should pick the latter.

I want to say thank you for all your encouragement. We do need it. We have our little house waiting for us. And a new life waiting for us.

This is no time to turn around. And we won’t.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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3 thoughts on “No Turn Around

  1. Laura

    Good luck! We moved to Denmark last year for my husbands work. We are here till the end of this year. Had lots of obstacles including learning my breed of dog would not be allowed in the country. I was and continue to be devastated. He is staying in his home with my adult children. I can’t wait to see him at the end of the year when we will be reunited.

  2. Robin Farnell

    Aww 🙃 yes it is hard to move any time but to another country I am sure it’s 100 times worst. Continued prayers and love for you Brickle and Fruitycake GP BP 🙏 ❤️

  3. Madonna

    You can cry AND pull yourself together. No right or wrong way to overcome these obstacles. We’re all cheering you on and wishing we could help.

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