Run Like The Wind

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I hear persons say all of the time that they have to face their problems. They have to figure it all out. They have to. They just have to.

But if I learned one thing as a stray dog, it was that sometimes, well, you just have to run. You have to stop thinking and just do what you have to in order to protect your heart.

This week has been super hard on the persons. Missing Digby and remembering the day that they lost him made them sad.

They tried to be positive. They tried to keep going. And you sure did help them with that. Thank you. From the bottom of my Fruity heart.

But, it’s been so hard, that they just can’t think anymore. They can’t cry anymore. They can’t be sad anymore.

And so I told them what i learned as a stray doggo. Sometimes, you gotta just run like the wind! You have to run fast and furious! You have to run away from your problems to be ok. And that’s ok.

I love to run. For fun. And when you think of all your problems weighing you down, how can you even make good decisions? You have to take a break. To be free. To be ok. And that’s ok. If you have a choice to take a break, that’s a gift.

Every night at this South Carolina place, I watch and wait for Boy Person.

I love to run with him. Because you can’t think of anything else when you are running as fast as you want to.

And eventually when you stop running from those problems, you will have the clearness of mind to see things in a different way. A better way.

Run like the wind! Take it from me and take a break from what is weighing you down. Breathe. Run. Live!

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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2 thoughts on “Run Like The Wind

  1. Susan Espinoza

    FRUITYCAKE YOU ARW SO ADORABLE LOVE THE PICTURE OF YOU SITTING ON THE BEACH YOU Get cuter every day and I noticed since you’ve been with the Brickle he Honestly looks younger and so healthy this was a great blog so adorable love you guys

  2. Robin Farnell

    So glad you are with them Fruitycake to help heal there ❤️ and also you got a great family…. Be there for each other through good times, sad times, happy times bad times…..FAMILY you don’t have to be blood related …. you all got this. 🙂❤🐕‍🦺🐾 💔🌈

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