The Club

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I’m used to being alone. I’m used to doing my own thing. I thought it was being strong to take care of myself by myself. And it was in some ways. In other ways, as a stray, I simply did not have a choice.

I see that persons try to be strong too. Some persons prefer to handle problems and life on their own. They say that they don’t need anyone. They have a club of one.

Other persons have lots and lots of persons in their club. They don’t have strong friends but a lot of surface friends.

And then there are other persons who have a few close friends in their club. They don’t let anyone else in very easily. Their club has a secret password that not many find out.

Yesterday, we had just went on a long hike in this North Carolina place. It was a windy, windy day. The hike was longer than usual and we were pretty tired.

We were about to leave and we were all cozy in the truck. But the persons told us that some pups and their persons wanted to meet us and say hello.

And I thought about if I really wanted to make the effort. Wasn’t my club enough? Did I need to meet Josie and Jolene?? Did I really need to?

But I got out of the truck and Brickle showed me what to do. He said hello. They said hello.

The persons talked about rescue stories. And everyone was so happy they left their own club. Yes. It was worth the effort.

I didn’t realize it was worth the effort until I got in Peanut Butter Brickle’s club. A club where you are your own person. A club where you have both close friends and a club where you are friends with ones you meet along life’s road too. He has room for many in his club. But each individual has a different role. He says the secret is that you have to be welcoming to everyone even if they pass thru your club’s door for only a moment. Or a lifetime. Welcoming someone into your club doesn’t mean excluding others.

I’m learning every day that there are so many persons and individuals to meet. And I want them to meet me too. I can’t imagine life alone now. Make sure you aren’t just comfortable. Make sure you are happy. Truly happy in your club.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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