The Corn Maze Trap

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Do you ever feel like no one listens to you? That’s how I felt yesterday.

The persons tried to feel better by making us happy. So they took us to a farm here in this New Jersey place. They said that we were going to go thru a corn maze and get a pumpkin for some pie and maybe even another surprise.

They said since it was my first fall season with my family, it was very special. And they said since it was Brickle’s 13th fall season with our family, that made it special too.

I love feeling special. And I love special things. The corn maze sounded like a good idea until we got in it. The persons said I couldn’t actually go thru the corn rows but that I had to follow a path.

This made no sense to Brickle or me when we could totally see the easy ways out. The persons refused to follow us. And I began to think we were never going to get out if I had to depend on them!

But eventually, the trap turned fun. I began to think and reason and find alternate ways to get out. I began to enjoy the challenge instead of taking the easy ways out. And when we were done, there was a reward of ice cream waiting for us. And it sure tasted sweet.

Because we didn’t give up in that corn maze trap.

I feel like life is like that for Girl Person right now. She feels like she is in a maze and that the easy way out is to take shortcuts. Easy decisions. But she knows she can’t do that anymore. She says when she feels nothing anymore, that is worse than feeling bad. And that is a trap in itself.

You may feel like you are in a corn maze too. Maybe what you want to do seems too hard. But what is harder? Leaving dreams on the ground to rot? Or following your heart, no matter if it takes more time. No matter if others don’t understand. No matter if no one follows you.

A trap is only a trap if you stop and give up. I thank the corn maze for teaching me to keep going and to trust the process. And to remember there is some yummy reward at the end.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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