This is Peanut Butter Brickle. That Fruitycake. My brother. My friend. My partner in crime. Yes. Even I can admit it.

Some nights are so good that I just want to go outside even when the persons are sleeping. Yes. Sometimes I do need to go out. Sometimes, I just want to go out. And I figure that as long as I go to the bathroom, no harm is done!

But it seems like Fruitycake doesn’t take to being left alone in bed when I go out and party. Seems like Fruitycake may have a little of mischief in him too. And he decided the other night to get up Girl Person. He ran around like he had an emergency. And I guess he had an emergency of sorts. He had a fun emergency. A Fruitycake emergency.

And as Girl Person rushed to take him out and they walked down the street, it became apparent quite quickly. She had been bamboozled. Bamboozled by Fruitycake The Raccoon.

Fruity had the zoomies in the middle of the night. Fruity had the bamboozlies. Fruity had figured out my game. But he also blew my cover. He has quite a lot to learn.

My opinion, and my opinion is right, is that you have a right to feel good any time you want you. You have a right to be happy any time you want to.

You don’t need a special day on a calendar or even a special hour of the day.

Bamboozled may be my favorite word now. A fun word for a fun brother with a fun attitude. The time to have fun is now. Take advantage of the time you have. Whenever that is!

Peanut Butter Brickle

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