Off To See The Wizard

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Today, I am going on a different kind of trip. Not to a different campground. Or a different state. Not to a new hiking trail or even a new campsite.

I’m off to see the wizard. The Vet Person.

I haven’t been feeling good. At all. Ever since I was adopted, my skin has been itching. I’ve been scratching. I am losing my fur. I’ve had all kinds of tests done. I’ve got shots. I’ve been looked at and prodded on.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder what I did to get this way. It’s been hard.

The persons say when you can’t figure out what is causing a sickness or a problem, it is pretty hard to make it better. They said you can put a bandaid over something. But it won’t ever heal completely until you know how and why you got the hurt.

And so off to the wizard we go today. The Vet Person.

Yes. I’ve seen other vet persons. And they are really, really nice. They try to help me. But I need relief today. I need to feel comfort. I need to feel fruity again. And I hope this wizard can help me on the road to health.

It’s very easy to get frustrated in life. You try and try and try again. And sometimes you just can’t make it better. You just can’t solve it. Whatever that is.

But don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t give up. It’s important to never give up. Because what do you have if you do that? You have the same problem and no hope.

I always want hope.

So, send me the good vibes today. A click of your heels. Fruitycake if you want. I need all of the above. Off to see the wizard!

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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2 thoughts on “Off To See The Wizard

  1. Robin Farnell

    Hopefully you can get some relief from the allergies 🤧. Hugs and prayers and kisses Fruitycake. Brickle be there for support.

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