Not Short But Definitely Sweet

This is Fruitycake. I’m very tired from my big day yesterday at the vet person office. So this blog won’t be as long as usual. I know you understand though. Because I love you and you love me. And I do love you. I thank you for all of the love you have sent me.

Sometimes I just can’t believe how many persons love me. Girl Person tells me. And she shows me. But I still don’t understand really. I just know Digby must have paved this way for me. And I won’t waste the love. I won’t waste it all.

It took a very long time at the vet person. There were emergencies. And a lot of tests. And although I don’t like tests, at least Brickle isn’t grading them. Everyone would get an F for sure.

The vet person took a lot of my blood and I got a shot and medicine. Seems like my allergies caused an infection. But now the question is, what is causing all of this in the first place. So we wait on tests now.

Life isn’t always a pretty picture. You may see us travel to pretty places and and see new things. But we get sick just like you. We can’t tell you everything is a bed of roses every day. That wouldn’t be fair. Or honest. Or real.

I don’t know how long it will take for me to get better. But I know I will.

I look forward to every day. I am happy every day. I love everyone. I don’t expect the worst. I expect the best is still to come.

The vet person said I was the littlest big dog and the biggest little dog. Not many parts of me fit together like a puzzle. But the traits I have make for one Fruity dog. And although the time to get better hasn’t been short, I know that life is about to get really sweet.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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