Beyond The Beautiful Face. Beyond The Beautiful Place.

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Although I am learning a lot of new things with my family and visiting new places, I am starting to see that not all that I learn is good. I wish that it was. But it is not.

I have always loved persons, even though no one wanted me in their life for good until Brickle and our persons.

I see that not all persons are good. Because in some of the places we visit, I see that others are treated different because of where they are from or what they look like. History is all around us, even at beautiful places.

And sometimes the history is not good, even though the places are beautiful.

A place we visited and learned about yesterday was called a plantation in the past. People were there and did not want to be. People were there against their will doing work that they did not ask to do. People treated them like they were less.

I wonder if the persons have learned from the past. I wonder if the persons visit places like this and only see them for what they are now. Sure, it is hard to remember things that are not nice. But if we don’t learn from them now, we are more likely to repeat them. I love everyone. And I cannot understand why persons cannot be the same. Why do they have to make others feel less for them to feel like more?

What is the history like where you visit? Do you take the time to look beyond appearance and learn the hard things? Are we an example to others to treat each other equal?

Girl Person says I could not be more perfect. She said that what makes me who I am is not my appearance, but my kindness and my love. Appearances may be what we see first on the outside. But a beautiful place can have an ugly history.

A beautiful face can be hateful. It is when we look deeper to find the truth and learn from it that we ourselves can be a better version of who we are.

-Fruitycake The Raccoon

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