Grow By Subtraction Not Addition

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I’m trying to teach Fruity a lot of stuff. But I didn’t think that math would be part of my curriculum. I guess since Fruity is learning to be a dog, he didn’t think he would have to learn math already either. But Girl Person thought otherwise.

Yesterday, we had a long hike on a trail to some waterfalls. It was hard at some parts. But I like a challenge. It makes me feel like I can do what I put my mind too. And I can prove it to myself.

We were all a little tired after the hike. But we had a good lunch. And then Girl Person had to do some business work. She has a hard time with business work. She is unsure of herself. She overthinks conversations. Talking makes her nervous.

After her work, she had some stuff to do like write. And cook. And she said she found herself grasping for inspiration. She said her creativity was gone. She said she had used all her energy on business and that’s where the math came in.

You see, we can add many things to do to our day. But do we think about what happens when we add those things? What gets taken away? What is subtracted?

We can only be who we want to be and really accomplish what we want to when we do the math.

Growing comes from subtracting the things that don’t make us feel good. Valuable.

See what you can rearrange and do the math.

Think about what you add to your day and to your life. And see what magic happens.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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