Pop Tart The Dog

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This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Who remembers the song that Boy Person made for me on the way home from that shelter jail?

I sure remember. And I sure like that song. They tell me I look like an Italian fruitcake called panforte.


And they tell me I look like a raccoon.

And they reminded me I was raiding the trash at the shelter jail place when they met me.

So when I got a present this week and a new stuffed animal, I was excited to name him too! To me, he’s sweet like a pop tart.

And he looks like a dog and sounds like a dog. To me. And if I want to name him Pop Tart the dog, that’s perfect. It fits him because. Just because.

Some persons have questioned my name. And I admit it. I did too. But you know what? It fits me now. I like it. And the best part is that my family gave me a name.

We don’t always agree with what individuals call themselves because we don’t understand. But if we get to know them, we grow to love them. Any labels do not matter!


Being quick to judge is lazy. Just like a pop tart is ready quickly, judgement happens quick too. It’s when we take the time to bake, let’s say, a fruitycake, that we see what friendships can be.

So Pop Tart The Dog, I love you.

You are my friends. And friends love each other for who they are. And you are perfect.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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