Where Is The Mayonnaise?

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  There is a lot going on the world right now.  The world is smaller than what we think.  Yet, the problems are bigger than we know.

It seems like everything is a bit out of the ordinary, and has been for awhile now.  So much so that persons start to panic.  Even over the mayonnaise. Or lack there of it.

We are camping at a nice place in the mountains with really nice people.  I listen to the conversations going on.  And I heard them talking about mayonnaise.  I heard them talking about not finding any at the stores.  They went to three stores, in fact.

Yes, apparently, persons have their favorite foods too.  I prefer to spread everything with peanut butter.  Obviously.  And Fruitycake is just learning what his favorite condiment is.  So far, it is apple jam.  I have nothing profound to say about that.  Apple jam is profound enough.

But the persons talking were saying they couldn’t find their favorite mayonnaise because of shortages.  A shortage as short as my corndog tail.

The persons were all in a quandary about this.  And one of them said that when they finally found it, they panicked again.  How many should they buy? They usually only needed one and one would last them for awhile.  But they still bought three.  And then they felt bad.

Were they contributing to the shortage of everything? What if everyone did the same thing? What would happen?  I think you know.

Where is the mayonnaise? Where are many things that seem to have disappeared? Are they being used or are they just being saved?  Why can’t persons be more industrious and make things themselves? Like mayonnaise?  Why don’t they see any other options?

Every action that we take and make affects something or someone else. It really does. Even an extra jar…or two…of mayonnaise.

I get it. Sometimes it is hard not to worry and it makes us feel better to have more than we need. But when we think about the ones out there who have absolutely nothing, we will realize we have a bounty of blessings, including perspective.  And that, you can never have too much of.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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