Live Every Day Like It’s Pretzel Day!

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. When was the last time that you got twisted up about something? You know. Perturbed.

I did yesterday. You see, the persons have been searching and searching for a waffle for me shaped like Mickey Mouse ears or something. They really felt like it was important. And well, I thought they were losing their minds.

With this covid yuck, some restaurants are closed at this Disney place. Some stuff isn’t the same. And so finding a Disney waffle was becoming much more trouble than it was worth. Especially when there was a Disney pretzel.

And Disney ice cream. I was wondering if the persons were ever going to realize that getting twisted up about nonsense makes the not nonsense things disappear before your eyes if you let it.

So when they got me a Mickey pretzel and took the salt off, I did a dance. A happy dance. When they got me some ice cream I did another dance. And two dances were better than one waffle dance.

Especially because I just wanted to feel special.

And I didn’t need that trouble waffle for that.

The whole point of our camping trip to Disney was to cheer me up. And to cheer up the persons by make believing for awhile. I’m not so sure I “got it” before my brother passed away.

But I see now that sometimes you have to be a little kid and a little puppy again. I see now that make believe is good for the soul. Because reality is hard.

And it’s ok to have a pretzel day. Living every day like it’s pretzel day would be pretty pawsome.

And Disney taught me I should try. You should too. If there is something that makes you remember the good and forget the bad, even for a day, what’s the harm in that?

Don’t judge others for how they get by. Be happy for them. Let them enjoy their pretzel day.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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  1. Robin Farnell has mickey holiday skillet so you can make your own Mickey waffles it is 5.99. Then any day can be a mickey day. Love you Brickle

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