Do You Feel Like A Tuxedo Or A Brown Pair Of Shoes?

This is Digby Pancake. How are you feeling today? It’s the second day of fall. Y’all.

Girl Person says that she likes the changes in seasons. Because it gives her a chance to start over and feel like new. That’s pretty important to the persons. They need a lot of new starts. And that’s ok. Even I know how they must feel.

I don’t say it very often, but it’s easy to feel average. Ordinary. It’s easy to think everyone else has their life together.

It’s easy to think everyone is more special and smart and pretty. Sometimes the world feels like a tuxedo, and I feel like a pair of brown shoes.

I’m not sure why I get to feeling that way. It might not be one thing that can happen in a day or two things that happen. I start to get down on myself. I start to feel less than…everyone. And it’s not because of anything anyone says. It’s because of what my thoughts say.

So yesterday when it was raining and gloomy, my mood matched the weather. We don’t leave for another road trip for a few more weeks. And I’m starting to get itchy paws.

But instead of feeling like the pair of brown shoes, I saw a sign. And I considered it a sign.

I decided to do something special. Different. Like the tuxedo I am.

And I looked in the mirror. Who was I? Who was this handsome man? Me. I looked pretty good.

It may be a battle every day to recognize your worth. But stop listening to those thoughts that nag at you. Listen to your heart. Listen to the young you inside.

Listen to your innermost self. You are special! You are a tuxedo! A work of art!

Some days will be easier than others to remain positive and shine. But don’t give up. Please. Keep running. Keep walking. Keep pedaling. Whatever you have to do.

The world is not the tuxedo you are. We are all part of the package. We all make up the world. Put on that tie and put away the brown shoes.

You don’t need those. But we need you.

Digby Pancake

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