Sweet, Old Man

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. What was the last compliment that you got? I bet you remember it.

Yesterday was a scary day. Not for me. But for the persons and for Digby.

I had to go into the vet office by myself and they had to wait outside because of all the person sickness going around.

Girl Person said she was worried I would think they were leaving me. Uh. No. I know that will never happen. When you don’t doubt someone’s intentions, it sure is easier to be independent. You don’t doubt they’ll always be there. So when the nice lady came to get me, I sure was excited.

I love going into buildings. Any buildings!! I always want to be a part of things.

The persons there at the vet place were so nice. They talked to Girl Person on the phone while I was in there.

They poked me and looked at me and gave me some tests. Which obviously I passed.

I have no idea what the persons were all worried about. I don’t know why Digby was trying to get inside to help me. It was a party in there! And I was the guest of honor.

The vet person said I was such a sweet old man!

A sweet old man? Of course I’m a man. I’m sweet. And old? I’ll even take that as a compliment. You should too.

Because you’ve been thru stuff. I’ve been thru stuff. And all those lumps and bumps? They are just wisdom and experiences settling where they want to.

But I’m not up for settling for a so so life. I’ve got many years to live it up.

Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do, like go see a vet. But I think not knowing what you have to deal with is worse than going. Our inner thoughts can be just as toxic as sickness. Take care of what you need to.

Take care of you.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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One thought on “Sweet, Old Man

  1. Susan Beth

    Oh sweet handsome DIGBYI am so proud of you for going into the vet by yourself and everyone was so nice to you oh I am so happy things like lumps and bumps that we all get when we get older oh I love you sweetheart so much and I know the persons were a wreck like all of us min’s and dads. “Oh Happy Day”

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