Are You A Blade Of Grass?

This is Digby Pancake. Sitting by a stream is one of my favorite things.

Standing in a stream is another one of my favorite things. I love streams.

So when Girl Person said that we were going to take a rest next to a stream after hiking, I knew that could be one of my new favorite things too. But then I watched a blade of grass.

A blade of grass by the stream. And that blade of grass was doing the same thing that I was. Resting by the stream.

How was I any different than a blade of grass I wondered? Growing and living and catching the sun’s rays. Resting and taking in a stream. Feeling the cool breeze coming off of the water. Hearing the water flow over the rocks. The blade of grass needed the stream as much as I did.

What do you enjoy? What makes you feel relaxed and yet alive? It may be different for each one of us. But it may be the same as someone else. You may have more in common with a blade of grass than people you know. And that’s ok.

That’s really ok. Because you don’t need to explain what helps you feel alive to anyone else. Except a blade of grass.

Because when we acknowledge, yes, to a blade of grass that we see it and that we appreciate its presence, you open yourself up to all appreciation.

And appreciation builds thanks.

Appreciation makes you want to take care of yourself and others.

Growth and existing in harmony with all living things makes us feel alive.

Digby Pancake

Today, Brickle goes to the vet person. We will keep you updated

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