When You Move, I Move

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It didn’t happen overnight for our dogs. Their decrease in activity had been growing as their age grew. However, full-time travelers like us must keep as healthy as we can in order to be mobile. It’s not an option for us. And it’s not an option for our dogs.

There is a difference in being able to move and wanting to move. And for our dogs, we noticed their confidence, excitement and stamina for our hikes was a struggle. We didn’t want this for them. And that’s when we decided to try the products from YuMOVE.

Products from YuMOVE are made with responsible and sustainable ingredients like New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels.

Most dog parents know how how vital omega-3 fatty acids are to their pet’s health and especially the joints, which is why many use fish oil. While fish oil has only two kinds of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), green-lipped mussels have a third one called ETA. This is a rare form of omega-3 fatty acids which lowers the production of cyclooxygenase, an enzyme which causes inflammation. This results in less pain, less inflammation, and improved mobility!

If you worry every day like we do that you are doing what’s right for your dog, we know how you feel!! It’s overwhelming the choices that we have as dog parents. I have found their the years that I didn’t always know what was best. That’s because most products don’t live up to what they say they do. Most products have empty promises. YuMOVE stands behind their products with a money back guarantee. It is a natural inflammatory

It reduces joint pain and protects the cartilage

YuMOVE oosts your pet’s immunity

YuMOVE strengthens the bones

YuMOVE helps prevent the development of arthritis

I sincerely wish we would have known about thsi product years ago. But also thankful it caught up with us on our life’s journey to make a difference for our dogs now.

You see, when they move more, we move more. And we need all the encouragement we can get.

It’s no secret dogs add to the quality of our lives. But the ways that they do so constantly amaze me. Battling depression for many years, I’ve relied not only on my dogs, not exercise as well. My dogs give me purpose. And they know their purpose. Thank you to YuMOVE for making a difference for all of our family.

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